Friday, September 30, 2011

September's Favorite Things

I can't believe today is the last day of September.  Seems like I was just taking off for Labor Day weekend a couple of days ago.  Daylight Savings Time, fall festivals, and Halloween are right around the corner.  Do you know that my preschool team has already had our meeting for November projects?  Yikes!

October will be a big month here at Show Some Decor.  I'll share more along the way, but suffice to say, my creative juices are flowing and you'll be treated to lots of "new".  I see some late nights in my future-- I mean late-er that is. :)

Now, on to some of my favorite things for September...

This is Edie's baluster in her new home.  Edie blogs at Life in Grace, and if you haven't checked out her space, you are missing out in every way.  Edie and her husband (and oodles of children that she home-schools) are rebuilding after a devastating fire destroyed their home last December.  This post is the story of her balusters, how she chose them, and the insight she gained upon their installation.  Nothing short of amazing and inspiring.  Last winter when I had the flu, I spent hours reading through her archived posts that journal her family, her faith, her home, the aftermath of the fire, and her heart.  Great reading and most recently some fabulous eye candy in their almost-finished home.

This little slipper chair belonged to my grandmother.  When I rearranged my Mom Cave, home office, I had a space for her.  The slip cover is the same one my grandmother used (there's beautiful red velvet upholstry underneath) and will probably be updated soon, but for now she looks right at home.

My grandmother was an amazing woman who died in 2009 at the age of 102.  She wore her stockings, pumps, a brooch and lipstick every day, almost right up to the end.  I think she'd like her little chair dressed properly with my cute little Target pillow find.

And don't tell my grandmother, but these are my new fave shoes!  Pefect for transitioning out of flip flops (and killer for casual days at the preschool, I might add).  You can find yours HEREYou're welcome. :-)

And just a reminder that today is last day of our Willow House Back to School Sale!

If you have trouble viewing this image, click HERE for the PDF.  Then click HERE to visit my store and place your order!  Ships directly to you. :)
Happy Weekend and see you in October!

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  1. Lovely post...

    I always have a pair of sneakers,

    they look so cool and comfy too.


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