Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gettin' Ready for Fall

I can hardly believe I actually got to wear blue jeans today!  Those of you up north are probably laughing at that, but if you're a Georgia dweller like me, you know that we can't safely put away our shorts and flipflops until mid to late October.  This year a little storm named Lee brought tons of rain and some cooler temps for what I think of as the beginning of fall-- the week after Labor Day.  So even though I'll have to stow my jeans again for another few weeks, just let me revel in them for a day or two. :)

If you haven't already headed over to Kellie's awesome Fall Festival at Nest of Posies-- DO IT!!!  Tons of great decorating ideas, recipes, and crafts to get your fall groove on!

I'll be linking up some goodies myself over the next few weeks!

This afternoon, I'm in search of this...

Plus a slew of other Fall idea magazines that seem to find their way into my shopping cart and run up my WalMart, Target, or grocery bill. :) 

How about you?  What are your favorite sources for fall inspiration around the home??

See you back here Friday with a super simple supper idea!

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