Monday, October 10, 2011

Passion for Peacocks?

Monday again?  We had a super busy weekend with sports and my daughter home from UGA for the weekend (woo hoo!), so not a lot of progress was made on my project list.  But it was good family time and the list is certainly not going anywhere.  I did work a little towards my fall tablescape I'll be sharing soon, though. :)

So for today, I wanted to get your thoughts on peacocks.  I know you've seen owls in home decor all over the place... and I admit, I'm drawn to them too, though I have yet to purchase one!  But lately, I've seen quite a few peacocks as well, and I'm loving a fresher take on the bird motif for the home!

This dreamy peacock toile fabric from the Suzanne Tucker collection would make lucious drapes!

And wouldn't these metal peacocks from Studio Ten 25 be awesome perched on antique books?

Loving this peacock rug and these pillows...

both from Global Views {if you haven't checked out their products, do it!!  They're to the trade, but loaded with inspiration for us DIY-ers, and the diligent shopper can find them in select retail spaces!}

Even Martha Stewart is on the peacock band wagon...

Martha Stewart Flights of Fancy Ornament Collection

My friend Amy over at Positively Splendid shared THIS tutorial on a DIY peacock pillow that rocks!

And there's this for your walls, too...

on eBay {not a great pic, but I'm liking the bamboo frame!}

and this vintage print could definitely find a home in my abode.

So what's your take? Are you on board with the peacock trend?

Happy Decorating!


  1. I love peacocks, too. I keep looking for some silver or brass ones that don't cost a fortune. I think they are so regal looking. I didn't know your daughter goes to UGA. My daughter went to Ga. State, but she would have loved to go to UGA instead.

  2. Peacocks are such beautiful birds. They are so regal and their colors are gorgeous, of course they are the perfect element to add to a space. My mom has similar set of birds to the ones from Studio 10. She always uses them in her tablescapes.

  3. Drooling over that Peacock fabric!!!!!!

    janet xox

  4. Oh, I am loving that peacock pillow, it is gorgeous. I must say I think I like the peacock trend much better than the owls. It so much brighter!!

  5. I think I prefer peacocks over the owls. Such beautiful colors. Love that pillow and those ornaments.

  6. Wow! Apparently I am behind the times;)
    I haven't seen any peacocks so far - or perhaps I have just not been paying attention.

    I LOVE the mod pillow, that hot pink is fab.
    ps-I am fully "lifting" your nailhead pumpkin idea.

  7. Heidi,

    I actually have a pair of peacocks in the center medallion of my oriental rug so I'm happy to learn about the fabric you mentioned. I appreciate your comment & visit at my blog from the SSS link party and I'll be checking in here often.



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