Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Easy Peasy Candy Corn Treat

It's my turn to cook lunch for the teachers at the preschool today and one of my tasks is dessert.  I almost went to my faithful Texas Sheet Cake (yum!) but thought it would be fun to try an easy candy corn treat instead.  I make a Christmas treat we call Reindeer Food that uses almond bark, pretzles, chex cereal or Cheerios, and red and green M&M's.  I was wondering if I could do a variation of that with candy corn since we're lovers of anything that combines sweet and salty.

I started with these ingredients but I also had Cheerios at the ready.  I melted the almond bark in my large saucepan.  You have to do this over low heat, stirring constantly so it doesn't scorch.  I forgot to take a pic of this step {bad blogger!}.

When it's all melted, remove it from the heat and dump in the pretzles and candy corn.

And stir like crazy until everything is coated!!  I used both bags in their entirety.  I didn't add the Cheerios, though I could have thrown in a cup or so in hindsight.

Then I dumped the whole thing out on my kitchen island that was covered with wax paper.  This is the easiest way for it to harden, and you just throw the paper away when you're done.

Sorry for the blurry photo!  I was trying to multitask before my treat hardened! :)

Here it is, spread out in all its glory. :)  NOTE:  do not leave unattended!!  Every time I walked by, I noticed another little piece gone.  The male teens and the hubs were "sampling" every time I turned my back!!

Once it's hardened, you can break it into serving size chunks.

Can I just say YUMMY!!!

Ready to serve it up!  Hope my fellow teachers like it.  It's sweet and salty yumminess IMO!

Since I pulled it together, I've found a few variations of this treat floating around the blogosphere... I may have to try all of them!
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  1. Thanks Heidi,
    this is perfect for me to make for my daughter to take to the office as her snack offering in fridays..

    your newest follower
    Sonny~155 Dream Lane

  2. Oh! I have to say--it looks delish. I will definitely be trying this one. I do a similar version for christmas, but I love the idea with candy corn, which, by the way is one of my favorite seasonal treats!

  3. I could eat the whole basket. I know that is so good.

  4. Umm, I want some!! Minus the candy corn.

  5. Heidi, My kids (and me) are going to love to make this recipe!! Going to pin it to Pinterest for future reference!
    Happy to be your newest follower :)

  6. This looks soooo yummy!!


  7. Mmm, I bet that tastes yummy! The sweet and salty together...oh my!

  8. this sure looks yummy!!!!! sweet and salty and oh so pretty! your presentation is just perfect! thanks for sharing this halloween delight! your newest follower : ) andrea! (saw you on transformation thursday : )

  9. The perfect holiday treat! I linked to you from Strut Your Stuff Thursday.Thanks for a great recipe and idea!

  10. This looks so dang good, Heidi! Talk about mouth watering! I've already added it to my shopping list!


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