Friday, October 14, 2011

Changes :)

It's the time of year. The leaves and light are both changing, schedules have shifted. Much as I love summer, I do love fall! The other day I noticed the angle of the afternoon sunshine coming into my family room. This room is on the Northeast corner of my house and as the seasons shift, the light is hard to come by.

I love seeing things in a new light.  Literally and figuratively.

Changes are coming to Show Some Decor.  This little corner of the blogosphere has continued to grow.  I'm thrilled with every comment, every new follower (Welcome!), and I thought we both deserved a fresh look.  A new domain name. It's still me.  Just a space that's more reflective of me, my thoughts, my evolving style, my love of all things home and decor.  It's decor... and more. A new home for my ideas for making your house a home. I'm still finding my way with that myself.  It's a journey.  One I love being on and one I love to share.

 I hope you'll like the change as much as I do. 

Traveling this weekend, but I've got some new projects to share in the days ahead.

What's on your fall to-do list this weekend?

 See you soon!


  1. i wish you all the best in your "new space" may it be filled with Joy and LOVE!!!! i know i will be watching! just grabbed your button and going to go put in on my side bar now! have a great weekend!

  2. Can't wait to see the changes! very exciting and I know it will be amazing if it's something you have come up with. Happy weekend! M.

  3. Love your pumpkins...

    love the sparkle on them.

    Oh I am looking forward to the sumptuous Fall dishes and the family gatherings during this season.

  4. Love the bling bling sparkle on the pumpkins. Thanks for your sweet visit.

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