Sunday, February 28, 2010


Welcome to Show Some Décor! I consider this an extension of my Southern Living at HOME business, but also just a fun interactive forum where I can share ideas, thoughts, and plans for making your home (and mine) the heart of the matter. After all, HOME is where the heart is, right?

Think of all the things that occur within the walls of our home—parenting, cooking, mentoring, relaxing, even working, just to name a few. I could go on and on, and I’m sure you could, too. What role does décor play in any of these monumental tasks? I think you’d be surprised! This blog is intended to illuminate the role that décor and other aspects of “home-making” (to use a somewhat archaic term) play in helping our households function proficiently as a source of nurture.

Some posts will be light-hearted and fun quickies (which is the beauty of a blog) and others may be weightier. Some will contain a recipe, a decorating or organizing idea, a party theme, a shortcut to make your life easier. Others will highlight a product—either one of my own Southern Living at HOME products or some other gem I’ve stumbled across. Brace yourself for a wide variety of topics!

Feel free to comment—ask me questions, offer suggestions, say what you want to say! You can subscribe or follow—or not, if you’re not comfortable doing so. My goal is to share and hopefully in the process of sharing, I can help a few of you in some small way. See you back here soon!