Monday, June 6, 2011

Graduation Party Decorations {Paper Banner and Buckets}

Well, I can finally share some more of my handcrafted graduation party decorations!  Thanks for being so patient. :)  I wanted to share with you sooner, but -- well, you know the story.

I posted HERE about the diy paper banner... still marvel at how simple and inexpensive this project was.  The measuring and cutting was a little time consuming, but I love how economical it was and I will reuse this, I'm sure.

So here is the finished product, hung across my breakfast room bay window and party ready!

I had a plan as well for some sweet little yellow bucket decorations that I could spread around the house and deck.  I used the leftover scrapbook paper and cut out additional smaller triangles, like pennants.  Then I printed out a few phrases on white card stock, like "way to go!", "UGA Girl", "Top of the Class", etc.  I cut out smaller triangles with the phrases and glued them on top of the scrapbook triangles.

I attached each pennant to a dowel that I spray painted black.

Remember these little yellow buckets I scored at Old Time Pottery for 88 cents each?  I cut a square of florists foam to fit into each one and covered it with black paper shred.

I inserted the dowels with pennants attached into the florist foam.


I put one of these on each outdoor table on our deck, one in the powder room, one beside the beverages, and one on the coffee table.  Easily under $1 each to make. My favorite kind of budget party decor!

Next I'll share the centerpieces and a few other celebratory touches that drew rave reviews.
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  1. Everything looks so lovely!!!!

  2. How cute, Heidi! I love the idea to put the flags on the stick -- tucking that one away for later use.

  3. these all turned out so great --- i love the flag & bucket idea!!! i think we need an old time pottery up north ---- ADORABLE!!!

  4. Amazing decorations. Was invited by my friend for her father's retirement party. Booked one of the splendid LA venue online and catering department was given to our common friend in same business. He suggested bakers also and helped in getting perfect quality drinks as well.


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