Friday, June 24, 2011

What's on Your To Do List? {Take the Challenge}

Do you have a To Do list this summer?  Is it growing fangs while you juggle kids, pool time, travel, and a general lack of routine around the house?  I've been almost paralyzed by my own To Do list, so when my friend Cha Cha over at Sit, Relax, and Read threw out the 10 Tasks in 10 Days Challenge, I was still loathe to jump on the bandwagon.  Ten in ten?  But then sweet persuasive Cha Cha let me know it could be simple things.  Okay, maybe I could do this...

So here is my list of ten... feel free to hold me accountable!

1.  Make a blog calendar for the month of July {as in plan my posts for the month}.

2.  Tackle {organize} my kitchen desk drawers that we never use except to cram things in them.

3.  Tackle {eliminate] the basket of meds beside my stove... do we really need all that stuff out all the time? I have something else in mind for this basket anyway.

4.  Consolidate all of our pen/pencil holders.  Just because I have containers out the yin yang, do we really need to use them ALL? This isn't even all of them, sadly.

5.  Write thank you notes to my students for their end of year gifts (shameful).  See my note cards taunting me?

6.  Clean out my email "inbox."  This seriously could take the better part of a day.

7.  Create a binder for blog ideas and inspiration.  It's ready and waiting for me.

8.  Tackle {clean out} this little basket by my back door.  Sense a theme here?

9.  Inventory my Willow House/Southern Living at HOME products that I will be selling.

10.  Research a business idea... can't show you a picture yet, but maybe by summer's end?

So, what do you think?  Too ambitious or doable? 

Cha Cha will be keeping us accountable as well, as we'll be linking up a "progress report" along the way, in addition to this list.  Yikes!

Wanna join me?? Click HERE to jump in and link up! Cha Cha is giving away a subscription to Country Living, so don't miss your chance to win (and tame that wicked To Do list!!).

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  1. Hey I could put your 1-8 on my list too, man that would put me up to 37 there just are NOT enough hours in the day! So glad you linked up and can't wait to see what you get done!

    Have fun working,
    Cha Cha


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