Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tip of the Week: Light Your Way

I've been inspired by all the beautiful and varied lanterns I've seen in stores, online, and in catalogs lately.  Now that your yard and deck are party-ready, be ready to shed some light and ambience on your outdoor decor with a collection of lanterns.  Not only are they the perfect disguise for those oft-needed citronella candles to control unwanted guests, but they're a wonderful and cozy alternative to flood lights or porch lights once the sun goes down.

For large open spaces you can cluster a variety of sizes around your container plantings.  Suspend smaller ones from the inner spokes of your umbrella or from shepherd's hooks in your yard or along your walkway.  Illuminate your outdoor dining table with one or more and don't forget to place a few strategically where you need a bit of light, such as in smaller seating areas or near a step that might be missed in the dark. 

Of course, I have some beautiful lanterns in my catalog on my website, such as the classic Drake Lantern and it's coordinating minis, the Firefly Lanterns, perfect for votive candles (pictured here).  The removeable glass cylinders will house your pillars or can be used as vases if you want to mix in some flowers.  If you want glass on the sides to protect your flame from breezes, try our beautiful Carriage House Lantern, with it's gold metallic finish and interesting detail.

But in all fairness, you can find lovely and affordable lanterns at Pottery Barn or my beloved Ballard Designs.  I've even spied some oversized but still inexpensive ones at Pier One.  In other words, keep your eyes open-- they abound in stores now!  The beauty of lanterns is that they can be enjoyed year-round.  Bring them inside in the winter time to add pizazz to a hall table or bookcase or even the powder room.  Now THAT's getting your money's worth!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tip of the Week: Get Your Yard Party-Ready!

Now that the weather is warmer and the pollen season is winding down, we all look forward to outdoor entertaining.  But how do you get your yard to go from drab to fab for your festivities? has some excellent suggestions to accomplish just that.  Need instant color?  Purchase packs of annuals, set them in your flowerbed and mulch or pinestraw directly around the container.  Once your party is over, you can pot or plant them properly.  Guests using your rear or side entrance?  Clean it up with fresh pea gravel around the stoop and add a small simple seating area to make it more inviting.  No room for chairs or a bench?  How about a good size container with trailing ivy and some bright annuals.  I also suggest  They provide a project calculator and other tools to keep you on track. Check out these ideas and more before you hit the nursery and home improvement center!
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

One Kings Lane

For fabulous and exclusive home decor at a discount, check out  Online shopping only and the sales only last 72 hours, so it's a "get it while it's hot" situation.  I stumbled on this site while catching up on Jean Chatzky's blog and the two founders of the company (women) were highlighted for one of her Entrepreneur Friday posts.  Since I'm always curious, I browsed the site after signing up (it's free to join) and they have some beautiful and unusual things-- everything from candles and smaller accessories to large furniture and rugs.  Click share to check out the latest publicity for them but be sure to check out the site itself!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tip of the Week: Go Fresh!

Nothing seems to perk up a home like fresh flowers, but I've found they're often too expensive to enjoy on a regular basis.  Except for springtime! You can find wonderful bouquets and bunches of fresh flowers at WalMart or your local grocery store right now-- and they won't break the bank either.  Today I discovered bunches of fresh tulips at WalMart for $5 a piece.  Fifteen dollars later, they are brightening up my kitchen island, the side table in my living room, and my bathroom counter.  To keep them from drooping, put a penny in the water and ditch the flower food.  The copper helps balance out the water and keeps your tulips at attention!

Tulips not your cup of tea?  I discovered large mixed bouquets of daisies, gerbera daisies, carnations, a handful of roses and nice greenery for under $15.  Simply split them up into smaller bouquets and set around your home.  Remember that a simple beverage glass can make a beautiful vase.  Or you can line a favorite basket with plastic, add a soaked oasis in a shallow bowl and arrange your blooms.  This is a beauty for a fireplace hearth or kitchen table.

Now go enjoy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Say Goodbye to These Products in July :-(

Faithful followers and Southern Living at HOME devotees, here is the list of products that will be discontinued when Southern Living at HOME relaunches in July as Willow House.  I know there are alot going away, but I am certain that they will be replaced by fresh and beautiful products that we will all love just as much!  They are all grouped according to their expected availability through July, but remember that there are no guarantees!  So if you see something on the list that you know you HAVE to have, contact me to place your order asap.

Very Low Quantity

41243 Astoria Versatile Caddy

40742 Bountiful Bowl

41138 Carriage House Lantern

41251 Chesapeake Bottle Opener

41231 Chesapeake Salad Servers

41067 Cottage Garden Platter

40958 Drake Lantern Hook

40513 Elegant Barley Twist Pedestal

40977 Elegant Stone Serving Stand

40925 Estate Caddy

40799 Estate Hand Towel Stand

40999 Estate Towel Holder

41227 Estate Wall Hook

41034 Filled Candles - Calm

41035 Filled Candles - Natural

41106 Francesca Frames

41072 French Garden Bird Feeder

41159 Galveston Serving Stand

40840 GP HP Pet Bowls and Stand : Siena

40833 GP HP Spoon Rest: Siena

40967 Jackson Square Tray 41154 Juniper Vase

41224 Luminous Red Wine Glasses

41225 Luminous White Wine Glasses

41147 Orleans Vase Set

41160 Pavilion Wall Art

40804 Renaissance Hurricane

40854 SL Party Cookbook

40851 SL Slow Cooker Cookbook

41198 SLAH Signature Candle: Mango Nectarine

41199 SLAH Signature Candle: Pineapple Cilantro

41112 SLAH Signature Candles: Cinnamon Spice

41132 SLAH Signature Candles: Cran. Vanilla

41317 SLAH Signature Portrait: 14"x18" Framed

41318 SLAH Signature Portrait: 14"x18" Wrappe

41315 SLAH Signature Portrait: 18"x22" Framed

41316 SLAH Signature Portrait: 18"x22" Wrappe

41261 SLAH Signature Reed Diffuser: Calm

41260 SLAH Signature Reed Diffuser: Cran. Vanilla

40806 Tole Painted Pots

40926 Ultimate Message Center

40805 Verona Olive Jar

Somewhat Low Quantity

41156 Ashford Bedside Set

41283 Bordeaux Trivets

41105 Cambrian Wall Plaques

41164 Chesapeake Appetizer Set

41245 Damask Wall Accents

41071 Estate Waste Bin

41033 Filled Candles - Bliss

41013 French Garden Wind Chimes

41217 Gail Pittman Hand-Painted Canister—Siena

40527 Gail Pittman Ruffled Bowl: Siena

41188 Galveston Planter

41189 Galveston Shelf

41252 Galveston Step-out Candelabra

41190 Galveston Wall Art

41191 Galveston Wall Art and Planter

41192 Galveston Wall Art and Shelf

40937 GP Bountiful Pitcher

41219 GP HP Cross - Siena

41143 GPHP Siena Square Casserole 41233 Jackson Square Lidded Urn

41241 Luminous Accent Plates

41269 Luminous Accent Plates, set of four

41213 Mansfield Sconce

41210 My Masterpieces Art Portfolio

41004 Olive Jar Trio: Green

41006 Olive Jar Trio: Yellow

41027 Olive Jar Trio: one Green, Yellow, and Red

40893 Patina Wall Tiles

41248 Petite Accent Tray

40899 SL Busy Mom's Weeknight Favorites

41266 SL Comfort Food

40505 SL Light & Easy Comfort Food

41200 SLAH Signature Candle: Vanilla Fig

41259 SLAH Signature Candles: Autumn Trio

41111 SLAH Signature Candles: Glistening Pine

40943 Two-In-One Iron Stand

Should make it through July

40860 Bountiful Iron Stand

41165 Chesapeake Flatware: 5-pc Place Setting

41166 Chesapeake Flatware: 5-pc Place Setting, s/4

41066 Cottage Garden Bowl

41069 Estate Canister

40929 Gallery Spreaders

41021 GPHP Café Mugs, set of two

41025 GPHP Café Mugs, set of four

40948 GPHP Salt & Pepper -Siena

41023 GPHP Trivets, set of three, Siena

41148 Luminous Martini Glasses

41076 Manchester Trivet Trio 40996 My Birthday Memories

40708 New School Memories Album

41005 Olive Jar Trio: Red

40867 Petite Arrange-It-Easy Vase

41054 Petite Bud Vases

41157 Renaissance Candlesticks

41136 Santorini Decorative Bowl

41128 SL Fix it and Forget It Slow Cooker Magic

40984 SL Incredible Chocolate Recipes

41046 SL Quick and Easy Weeknight Meals

41337 SLAH Signature Candle: Resort Trio

The following items are already on Stop Sell

40963 2 in 1 iron stand w/Siena Casserole

41242 Astoria Dispenser

41324 Astoria Dispensers Set of 2

40710 Astoria Flatware Caddy

40729 Bella Luna Large Glassware

40728 Bella Luna Small Glassware

40645 Clairmont Casserole Caddy 41175 Cordova Stemware Rack and Shelf

40336 Gail Pittman Rectangular Casserole: Siena

40876 Gallery Cheese Servers (s/3)

40735 Gallery Iced Tea Spoon

41039 GP Serving Set - Siena

40022 Ornate Iron Cookbook Stand

40852 SL All New Ultimate Cookbook

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tip of the Week: Finish What You Start!

I knew this day would come... the build-up has been happening behind the scenes for months.  Southern Living at HOME is re-launching this July with a new name and new looks.  I have it on good authority that many of your favorite products will still be available along with some exciting new ones!  But, I also hear that we are losing several of our "collections."  While I'm saddened by this tidbit of news, I'm hoping that means better "collections" are coming our way.

So consider this week's "Tip of the Week" to be your heads-up.  If you're collecting any of our product lines, especially flatware, pottery, dinnerware, glassware, you might want to finish what you've started.  I am ready to place your order anytime and will be discounting shipping and handling for all April orders in light of this news.  Make sure you visit my online catalog ( to view our current collections and prices.

I will be providing you the list of products to be discontinued as soon as I have it, and you'll want to act fast.  I would imagine this news will be much like our twice-yearly sales... the early bird gets the worm! 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Quick and Easy Easter Centerpieces

If you're like me, Easter has crept up on you this year!  Thank goodness for a couple of quick and easy centerpieces for my Easter tablescape. 

Start with a simple glass hurricane or large glass vase.  My favorite Hemingway Hurricane from Southern Living at HOME has been called into action once again!  Pick up some colorful Easter jelly beans the next time you're at the supermarket and use those to anchor a pretty pillar candle in your hurricane or vase.  You can flank this with smaller glass vases filled with blooms from a simple supermarket bouquet.  I prefer the variety bouquets because the colors play off the colors of the jelly beans.

Another quick and easy idea is to line the bottom of a favorite bowl, either glass or ceramic with green moss from your local hobby store.  Nestle a short pillar candle in the center or 3 of varying heights if your bowl is big and shallow.  Fill in around the pillars with colorful Easter eggs-- either ones you and your family have dyed yourselves or decorative eggs from the hobby store.

Finally, don't forget the beauty of just flowers. Grocery stores and farmers markets are full of wonderful choices right now.   Either use a favorite decorative bowl, vase, or hurricane, embellish with clippings from your own yard if you'd like and you are set.

To check out the beautiful and classic Hemingway Hurricane click here and then click on "Our Products." Have a Blessed Easter, everyone!