Friday, April 2, 2010

Quick and Easy Easter Centerpieces

If you're like me, Easter has crept up on you this year!  Thank goodness for a couple of quick and easy centerpieces for my Easter tablescape. 

Start with a simple glass hurricane or large glass vase.  My favorite Hemingway Hurricane from Southern Living at HOME has been called into action once again!  Pick up some colorful Easter jelly beans the next time you're at the supermarket and use those to anchor a pretty pillar candle in your hurricane or vase.  You can flank this with smaller glass vases filled with blooms from a simple supermarket bouquet.  I prefer the variety bouquets because the colors play off the colors of the jelly beans.

Another quick and easy idea is to line the bottom of a favorite bowl, either glass or ceramic with green moss from your local hobby store.  Nestle a short pillar candle in the center or 3 of varying heights if your bowl is big and shallow.  Fill in around the pillars with colorful Easter eggs-- either ones you and your family have dyed yourselves or decorative eggs from the hobby store.

Finally, don't forget the beauty of just flowers. Grocery stores and farmers markets are full of wonderful choices right now.   Either use a favorite decorative bowl, vase, or hurricane, embellish with clippings from your own yard if you'd like and you are set.

To check out the beautiful and classic Hemingway Hurricane click here and then click on "Our Products." Have a Blessed Easter, everyone!

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