Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation Party Decorations {and a Pity Party}

Not only am I prepping for my daughter's graduation party coming up this weekend (yikes!) but I'm also in the midst of a pity party myself.  My lap top crashed.  My trusty partner-in-crime and keeper of all my drafted blog posts and photos is in a coma.  So until I can get tech support on it, my husband's non-portable, slower, older,  and much in use desktop will have to do.  *Sigh*  Okay, enough of that...

I've made some progress creating decorations on a dime for her party so thought I'd share.

Remember this?

I have a plan... and a vision.

Sorry for the unedited photos!  I picked up this patterned scrapbook paper on clearance at Target. Less than $3 for a pack of 8 sheets, all black and white and shades of gray.  These will become a "Congratulations" pennant banner.

You see my high tech method for figuring out how many triangles to cut. :)

More of my high-tech methodology-- ruler and pencil to mark out my triangles on the back of the scrapbook papers

Here are all my triangles, ready to be assembled and attached to black grosgrain ribbon.

I cut out smaller white cardstock triangles to act as mats for the letters.  Otherwise some of them might not have shown up well.  The letters are ArtSkills Quick Letter Pads.  We discovered these at WalMart a few years back and keep them on hand for posters and projects.  We love that they're repositionable, with a Post it note-like sticky on the top back of each letter.  Just glue them down once you've figured out where you want them.

I like the layered look to this!

A customized Congratulations pennant banner for less than $6!  You'll see the entire finished product once the   decorations for the party are in place.

More decorations on a dime to come. :)

Happy Decorating!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Antique Sale You Don't Want to Miss!

My lap top is dead (gasp!) so while I wrestle with my husband's desk top and the photos of graduation party decorations I wanted to share with you, I thought you'd like to shop a little. :)

My friend Tricia of Avolli has announced an early retirement from her Swedish antiques business at the end of the summer.  While I hope she's not leaving the blogosphere and twitterverse for good, she's ready to take on new challenges after eight years in the antiques business. And so she's passing on incredible savings to all of us antique lovers over the next several weeks.  If you have not already popped over to Tricia's site (http://www.avolli.com/) you need to NOW!  While the discounts increase every two weeks or so, you'll risk your favorite piece being long gone if you wait until the end of July.  Today (May 22) through May 31, take 35% off her entire inventory!  Clocks, furniture, mirrors, chandeliers, decorative accessories, and more.  Tricia's inventory is amazing, but her customer service is unforgettable.  You can reach her at info@avolli.com.

Remember these wonderful antique books I bought from her this winter?

Think I need to pick up a few more and who knows what else I'll find!  Be sure to tell Tricia I sent you. :)

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Can't Resist... Sarah's Summer House {and a Graduation Gift Idea}

HGTV is my guilty pleasure.  In a house full of men and boys, a few stolen moments to watch ANYTHING other than Sportscenter or Modern Marvels or some such is... bliss.  So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon an episode of Sarah's Summer House over the weekend.

Are you hooked yet?  First of all, Sarah Richardson is incredibly fun to watch (and I love her Canadian accent!).  Add in that her tiny little lake cottage is a diamond in the rough being transformed into an energy efficient stylish and comfortable getaway for her growing family and you've got a winning combination.

The episode I caught was the reno of the two guest rooms.

Here's a peek at one of them.  I love that she salvaged much of the original pine for this renovation and it turns up in several different variations.  She takes you along on her shopping excursions (!) and lets you see the challenges of managing an out-of-town project.  Just plain fun.  So much so, that I had my kids show me how to program my DVR to record it.  Now THAT's truly something I can't resist!  Visit HGTV.com for episode recaps, photos, and airing times.Photos via HGTV.com.

Now I have been consumed lately with my daughter's high school graduation (!) and thought I'd share what I am giving all of her friends for graduation.

Wire Wall Letters

I love these Wire Wall Letters from PB Teen.  At 14 1/2 inches tall, they are the perfect size for a dorm room... and at $15 each (with FREE shipping!) they're the perfect fit for my budget, too.  Each of her friends is getting their first initial.  I'm envisioning photos, messages from friends and roommates, and other college years mementos filling these. :)

Happy Decorating and Happy Gift-Giving!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Looky What I Found {and a Sneak Peek :-)}

I'm late to party on the owl trend in decor.  I know it's been around a while, but in my latest Home Decorators Collection catalog, this little guy was beckoning...

Ceramic Owl Garden Stool

Isn't he the cutest??  Click HERE for this ceramic garden stool goody.

Kinda feeding into my current obsession with ceramic garden stools in general but that's fodder for another post!

Now, lucky you, get a SNEAK PEEK at something new from Willow House!  In our new fall catalog (out August 1), we are unveiling a new line of dinnerware and a new line of flatware....

What do you think??

I'm loving the cool mix and match colors of the dinnerware! It coordinates with our current Riverstone serving platters.

I'm seeing beautiful tablescapes in the future!

Coming up:
*Graduation party decorations
*A new I Can't Resist...
*Abstract Art

Happy Decorating!

Friday, May 13, 2011

What Happens When Blogger's Down

I usually do my Friday posts on Thursday nights, but blasted Blogger was down so I expected to post early this morning... no such luck!  What's a blogger to do when Friday is her day off, usually full of penning posts, and there's no server?

Well, after I cut the grass, pulled out all of my tired and leggy pansies, and blew out the garage, I got my tomato plants rocking in this container.  Disclaimer:  I have never ever grown tomatoes before!  I simply followed the instructions of my friendly Home Depot helper, in terms of soil, fertilizer, and the cage.  I'll let you know how this goes, but I'm so hoping for some delicious tomatoes this summer...

This is the disaster that is currently my dining room table {don't be looking for any pretty tablescapes for a couple of weeks!}.  I trekked to Costo, WalMart, Party City and Old Time Pottery in search of supplies for graduation party decorations.

Look at these awesome plates I scored at Costco! 75 for $7 and they are super sturdy and dinner sized.  Not to mention they are her high school's colors.  :)

Black block letters (her name) for only $1.99 each and the sweet little yellow buckets for 88 cents each-- both at Old Time Pottery.

Lots of crinkle paper on clearance at our WalMart!  I want to do at least one table decoration in UGA colors (black and red)  since that's where she's headed in the fall.

Curious?  I have a vision, so hopefully it will all come to fruition!  I'll be sharing the different decorations I do along the way and then of course, the day of her big celebration set up.

Here's my sweet girl on the day she was recognized as an Elite Senior ... she humbles me every day with her heart, soul, and her mind.

I've got major purging, reorganizing, and room redos planned for my summer break...  wish I could shut off all my ideas until my teaching year is over and our Graduation Weekend is done.  Right now, I've got scraps of paper and lists all over my office and it's driving me crazy!  But I am also trying to stay in each and every moment of this special time for our family.  One day I'll be caught up... maybe. :)

Have a great weekend and hopefully you can catch up on all your Blogger blog reading!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's New {Willow House Wednesday}

Today is great day to share what's new at Willow House!  You've probably noticed that we've been having some incredible sales lately.  I love that my customers have so many more options for great deals now! 

Let's start with the WEEKLY DEALS in my e-outlet.  These are 10-12 products, both current and discontinued, that are featured at rock bottom prices for one week only.  The prices are good from Monday-Sunday each week!  Here's how you find them:  head to my website and click on "SHOP ONLINE" in the right hand bar.  This takes you into my e-store.  The green bar across the top lists the different categories of products.  Click on "Outlet' on the far right, and then "Weekly Deals" to access the latest steals.  Here are a few goodies on sale this week:

Astoria Creamer
Astoria Creamer only $7.96.

Petite Bud Vases

Petite Bud Vases, set of 3 for only $9.96.

Abingdon Rattan Caddy

Abington Rattan Caddy only $15.96!

This is only a few of what I'm featuring this week... remember the prices are good until Sunday night.  Orders from my e-store are shipped directly to you.

And how about a $49 business opportunity? With summer months upon us, there is no better time to consider a new venture.  I love my business, my customers, and hostesses, and am impressed with the cutting edge thinking that is going on at Willow House.  This year we'll also be adding a jewelry line, in addition to even MORE online business options!  This is the lowest price I have ever seen for a Willow House start-up kit. Here's a peek at what's included in the kit.

Great sampling of products for the money!!  Click HERE for more opportunity information on my website or email me directly at heidimilton@comcast.net and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Are you still with me?  Because I also have an incredible MAY SALE going on right now!  Click HERE to access the complete sale flier, but here's your peek:

You can place your order directly on my website (Click HERE) and have it shipped straight to you.  The May Sale runs through May 31, 2011.

Whew!  You're all caught up now... thanks for looking!

Happy Decorating and Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shoppin' on Saturday {HomeGoods}

It was not on my busy agenda on Saturday, but who can drive by a HomeGoods store and NOT stop in?  Quick check of my watch told me I could do a pass through... so I did.  I love that their stock is never the same.  Brilliant when you think about it, because seasoned HomeGoods shoppers know if you love it- buy it- it won't be there next time you're in.

I spied lots of great goodies... didn't buy anything this time around, but it reaffirmed the wisdom of stopping in on a regular basis. Sorry for the not-so-great IPhone photos!  Here's what caught my eye:

Need a pop of blue and/or a nautical touch?

This ship's wheel is about 1/3 the price of a similar one in Ballard's catalog.

This shell is a great size and a great price.

This chair was marked down due to some dings on the right leg... tempting, but I'd have to change out the fabric for something bolder, so not tempting enough for the price.

Lots of storage on this baby and I love the rubbed finish.

Hello, Lover.

Fab lamp.

Close up of the cork shade... yummy!

Need to get organized?  Lots of shelves, hooks, bins available.

Lovin' this mirror with the black cutout frame {yes, those are my legs in running shorts-- sorry for subjecting you to that!}

Little bling with your lighting?  Awesome floor lamp!

Another Ballard's impostor. :)  Chic on the cheap!

Two of my favorite pillows... they had lots to choose from!

Another gorgeous seating option... drooling over the fabric!

So that was my 20 minute {seriously!} pass through at HomeGoods... when was the last time you popped in?

I'm hoping to get back to some projects soon ~ we're still in upheaval here with our home repairs and what I call May Madness with the kids.  I am, however, working on my daughter's graduation party plans that I'll be sharing with you over the next few weeks.  Anyone else have a graduate you're celebrating this month?

Happy Decorating {and Happy HomeGoods Hopping}!