Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shoppin' on Saturday {HomeGoods}

It was not on my busy agenda on Saturday, but who can drive by a HomeGoods store and NOT stop in?  Quick check of my watch told me I could do a pass through... so I did.  I love that their stock is never the same.  Brilliant when you think about it, because seasoned HomeGoods shoppers know if you love it- buy it- it won't be there next time you're in.

I spied lots of great goodies... didn't buy anything this time around, but it reaffirmed the wisdom of stopping in on a regular basis. Sorry for the not-so-great IPhone photos!  Here's what caught my eye:

Need a pop of blue and/or a nautical touch?

This ship's wheel is about 1/3 the price of a similar one in Ballard's catalog.

This shell is a great size and a great price.

This chair was marked down due to some dings on the right leg... tempting, but I'd have to change out the fabric for something bolder, so not tempting enough for the price.

Lots of storage on this baby and I love the rubbed finish.

Hello, Lover.

Fab lamp.

Close up of the cork shade... yummy!

Need to get organized?  Lots of shelves, hooks, bins available.

Lovin' this mirror with the black cutout frame {yes, those are my legs in running shorts-- sorry for subjecting you to that!}

Little bling with your lighting?  Awesome floor lamp!

Another Ballard's impostor. :)  Chic on the cheap!

Two of my favorite pillows... they had lots to choose from!

Another gorgeous seating option... drooling over the fabric!

So that was my 20 minute {seriously!} pass through at HomeGoods... when was the last time you popped in?

I'm hoping to get back to some projects soon ~ we're still in upheaval here with our home repairs and what I call May Madness with the kids.  I am, however, working on my daughter's graduation party plans that I'll be sharing with you over the next few weeks.  Anyone else have a graduate you're celebrating this month?

Happy Decorating {and Happy HomeGoods Hopping}!


  1. Good Morning Heidi! Thank goodness there isn't a Homes Goods right around the corner from me. I'm crazy about that store. It's impossible for me to stay less than an hour when I go into one. Not that I ever have any spending cash to do it.

    Have a great day...Tracy :)

  2. I love the last seating option and the pillows too. :D had fun reading your blog. :D


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