Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Can't Resist... Sarah's Summer House {and a Graduation Gift Idea}

HGTV is my guilty pleasure.  In a house full of men and boys, a few stolen moments to watch ANYTHING other than Sportscenter or Modern Marvels or some such is... bliss.  So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon an episode of Sarah's Summer House over the weekend.

Are you hooked yet?  First of all, Sarah Richardson is incredibly fun to watch (and I love her Canadian accent!).  Add in that her tiny little lake cottage is a diamond in the rough being transformed into an energy efficient stylish and comfortable getaway for her growing family and you've got a winning combination.

The episode I caught was the reno of the two guest rooms.

Here's a peek at one of them.  I love that she salvaged much of the original pine for this renovation and it turns up in several different variations.  She takes you along on her shopping excursions (!) and lets you see the challenges of managing an out-of-town project.  Just plain fun.  So much so, that I had my kids show me how to program my DVR to record it.  Now THAT's truly something I can't resist!  Visit for episode recaps, photos, and airing times.Photos via

Now I have been consumed lately with my daughter's high school graduation (!) and thought I'd share what I am giving all of her friends for graduation.

Wire Wall Letters

I love these Wire Wall Letters from PB Teen.  At 14 1/2 inches tall, they are the perfect size for a dorm room... and at $15 each (with FREE shipping!) they're the perfect fit for my budget, too.  Each of her friends is getting their first initial.  I'm envisioning photos, messages from friends and roommates, and other college years mementos filling these. :)

Happy Decorating and Happy Gift-Giving!


  1. First, I think those wall letters are super cute! Second, I REALLY wish I had a TV when I see posts like this. Instead, I watch a lot of blogs. But oh, to see Sarah! She used to be on our PBS station here (when I had a TV) and I loved to watch her show. Going to your link now.

  2. the wall letters are a wonderful idea. beautiful 1st photo!

  3. congratulations to your daughter and such a thoughtful gift to give to her friends.


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