Monday, May 2, 2011

I Can't Resist... This Cork Treatment!

I have to begin this post with the catastrophic storms that ravaged our area last week.  The images of devastation, loss, and courage are seared into our minds here.  Though that night was a sleepless one for us, we were spared any real damage.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to our neighbors here in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi that are suffering and picking up the pieces.  Please consider visiting and donating to help these communities with their recovery.  But most importantly, please pray for them.  They will need courage, inspiration, and perseverence in the days, weeks, and months ahead.


On a lighter note, I was thumbing through the pages of the Summer 2011 Cottage Style and came across this breakfast area.

scanned from Cottage Style

Lots to love about this space! I adore the soft blue walls, clean lines of the dark wood furniture, and the sleek light fixture.  But what caught my eye and my imagination is the cork treatment over the built-in desk.

Scanned from Cottage Style magazine.

I love the texture the cork treatment adds to the space!  Plus, can't you imagine the history encapsulated in this project?  Wine shared with friends and family over time, special occasions, vacations... each cork has a story. 

I'm now looking for space in which to do this in my own home... after all, remember these?

This is one of three hurricanes I have filled with wine and champagne corks... each of them has a date or occasion noted on them, even names of partners in crime. 

What do you think of this treatment?  Do you collect corks from special occasion bottles of wine or champagne?

Happy Decorating!


  1. Good Morning Heidi. I do like that cork board treatment. I like the way your corks look the hurricane too. I love that you date them. Hope you had a fun weekend. I hope latter today I'm able to pick something out from Willow House. I tried last week but in the middle of the catalog I kept getting shut down. No telling why.

    Have a wonderful Monday Sweetie! Hugs...Tracy :)

  2. OK, loving the wine cork board- fantastic texture. Great find. M.


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