Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day {Preschool Style}

I rarely post on the weekends because that's my family time, but this Mother's Day weekend, I thought I would do a special post giving you a sneak peek into my "other" life. Besides a mom, decor-lover and blogger, and Willow House Design Consultant, I'm also a preschool teacher. I spend every weekday with 14 precious four and five year olds that help me keep my perspective on what's important in life. :)
Every May, we host our moms for a Mom's Tea. It's our chance to honor the moms that gift us their precious little ones and lots of their time throughout the year to make special events special. The kids work hard on portraits of mom, placemats, cards, and manners (!) to make the morning memorable. We pull together scrapbooks of art samples from each month... amazing to see their progress from August to May! The moms enjoy visiting with each other, seeing their child's art and projects, and a little pampering in the form of coffee, juice, and cookies made by the teachers. I try hard to make it beautiful and special for them.

These beauties came from Walmart... can you believe it?

Recognize these little retired Southern Living at HOME hurricanes?  Every year, I arrange flowers in one of my containers (SLAH or Willow House) and then I give them away as door prizes.  Two delighted moms went home with these on Thursday. :)

Their scrapbooks... these go home as Mother's Day gifts.  The ribbon tied on the rings is from Walmart as well.

I like to keep the colors simple.  The letters are the child's first initial, I got them on clearance at Target for $1 per package (entire alphabet in each package).

Their sweet Mom portraits... the white at the bottom of each has Q and A's about mom... you can only imagine the chuckles we've had doing those!

The spread... recognize more Southern Living at HOME products? :)

Homemade cookies for our moms.

Hope you enjoyed this peek at my "day job." May you feel special and pampered on this Mother's Day!

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  1. What a beautiful spread for mother's day.

    Those flowers were beautiful. I'm shocked they came from WalMart.


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