Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tip of the Week: Finish What You Start!

I knew this day would come... the build-up has been happening behind the scenes for months.  Southern Living at HOME is re-launching this July with a new name and new looks.  I have it on good authority that many of your favorite products will still be available along with some exciting new ones!  But, I also hear that we are losing several of our "collections."  While I'm saddened by this tidbit of news, I'm hoping that means better "collections" are coming our way.

So consider this week's "Tip of the Week" to be your heads-up.  If you're collecting any of our product lines, especially flatware, pottery, dinnerware, glassware, you might want to finish what you've started.  I am ready to place your order anytime and will be discounting shipping and handling for all April orders in light of this news.  Make sure you visit my online catalog ( to view our current collections and prices.

I will be providing you the list of products to be discontinued as soon as I have it, and you'll want to act fast.  I would imagine this news will be much like our twice-yearly sales... the early bird gets the worm! 

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