Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tip of the Week: Spruce it Up!

Facebook Southern Living at HOME with Heidi Milton: "Spruce it up!! Your front porch or door step, I mean... sweep thoroughly, power wash if needed, and swap out your planters for some of the fresh new ferns (check out Home Depot for a great selection and price point). And don't forget the ultimate accessory for your entrance: a door bucket. My favorite? Our Flower Market Door Bucket... an oldie, but a goodie!"

Your front porch is the gateway to your home for your friends and family. Put your best foot forward by giving this space a little extra attention during spring. Pollen, spiderwebs, and dust from spring breezes can collect easily, so I make a point to spend 10-15 minutes a week giving it a once over with the broom or power nozzle on my hose. The hose works best and you can multitask by watering your newly planted ferns at the same time. If my door bucket contains permanent flowers (best for longevity) or greenery, I can pull them out and give them a quick rinse at the same time. Add a crisp looking doormat and you're ready to welcome your guests for spring!

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