Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Style for SLAH Parties this Spring!

"So you want to host a party, but your friends and family are reluctant to commit. They're short on funds or on a tight budget and feel badly that they might not be able to purchase products to help you earn your hostess rewards. Sound familiar??

In this economy, who couldn't understand their position? I know I can, so I have revised my party style for this new Spring catalog. Not only does our new catalog have many new lower priced products (some even under $10!!), but the products, as always, speak for themselves.

My new party style is simply a trunk show, displaying a sampling of our beautiful products along with a few ideas on how to decorate or use them. No presentation will be given, but I will be available to answer any questions and give additional ideas for decorating or gift-giving as needed. And, of course, I will be happy to give away a door prize or two to add to the fun.

In short, my revamped party style is a 'come one, come all', no pressure situation for your friends and family. After all, the point of having a party is to spend time with your friends, right? I'm sure they will all find something they want--and can afford-- in our new Spring catalog, and when they do, YOU will still reap the rewards!

I look forward to putting on a Southern Living at HOME-style trunk show for you and your friends! Contact me to put a date on my calendar!

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