Monday, June 13, 2011

I Can't Resist... John Gidding on HGTV's Curb Appeal

During a handful of days of spent *recovering* from my daughter's graduation and my son's departure for Greece, I lounged in front of the telly, flipping back and forth between the French Open and HGTV.  Decadent, I know, but I was seriously incapable of doing much else I was so emotionally and physically drained!

I'd watched Curb Appeal a time or two before and I love the premise of the show.  The crew shows up on a block (often here in Atlanta somewhere) and has chosen one house in particular that gets a stunning landscaping and often architectural makeover to enhance the curb appeal.  AND, while that makeover is going on, a handful of other homes on the block get a mini makeover, too!  Mailbox redo, trees limbed up, porches repainted and staged-- things like that.  Simple things that get you thinking: hmm, what a difference those little changes make to the way a house looks from the street!

Anyway, during my *two day recovery* I must have watched four or five episodes of this show and realized that part of the appeal of the show is this:


The impossibly good-looking, talented, and personable host, John Gidding.  My daughter just laughs at me, but he is fun to watch!  Out of curiosity I jumped on to find out more and learned he has a Master's Degree in architecture from Harvard's Graduate School of Design.  Okay, so he's brilliant, too.  And accomplished.  He's worked on Brooklyn Bridge Park and pavilion for the 2008 Olympics in Bejing.  Knew I couldn't resist him for a reason!  Oh, and throw in that he was a fashion model along the way... just sayin'.

Find out more about the show including airtimes HERE.  You'll be inspired to get out and enhance your own curb appeal!

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Happy Viewing!!

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