Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Taking a Shine to Silver

A couple of weeks ago, inspired by Joan over at For the Love of a House, I pulled out several of my silver pieces and polished them up, ready to display them around my house.  All in the name of lightening and brightening.  I couldn't for the life of me remember why I'd had them stashed away in drawers and cabinets for so long, especially when I saw the impact they made as decorative accessories.

You've already spied a few of them on my bookcase makeover:

But I found some fabulous homes for a few other pieces, too...

Favorite silver tray on my coffee table...

Silver tea box on family room console table...

 Remember this flea market find?  On my antique desk that does double duty as a sofa end table...

Favorite pitcher and another small tray in my foyer.  The book on the tray is the history of Lakemont, Georgia and Lake Rabun where my husband and I got married.  Painting is by my great-grandmother.

If you've not already checked out Joan's blog on her restoration of a New Hampshire farmhouse, you are missing out!  Head over there and let her know I sent you...she's got fabulous posts on her collection of hotel silver, too.

So how about you?  Any silver pieces lurking around that you can polish up and display? 


  1. hi Heidi!
    your silver looks so lovely! I am so touched and honored that I inspired you to bring them out of storage! I think they add a beautiful warmth to a room. You have done a wonderful job of placing them around your home!


  2. I love to display my silver... just wish they would stay shiny and polished!!


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