Saturday, February 19, 2011

Looky What I Found: Antique Books

I love it when I stumble on a true FIND and the price is right. Today, I popped over to my friend Tricia's blog Avolli, where she showcases Swedish antiques, furnishings and decorative pieces. She does a fabulous feature called her Product of the Day. Well today she had me at "hello!"

Look at these beauties for only $15 each:

They are leather bound and from the 1900's. Love the marbelized covers. You might remember seeing these that belonged to my grandmother on my mantle:

I can't wait to incorporate my new lovelies into my decor. I might have them on my coffee table under one of my silver pieces or propped up on my console table or book case.

Contact Tricia over at Avolli to order your own. You choose how many, she chooses which ones.

How do you decorate with books in your home?

Happy Decorating!


  1. I think old books look great as decor..., I started a file..., of course I need them to be coastal, ship, sailing, etc.

    Also, just saw the blog Avolli on the new digital magazine New England Finery..., she's featured there (and me too) under New England Bloggers.
    Digital mags seem to be the future!!

  2. Hey Heidi! Hope you've had a fun weekend. I love the worn leather on those books. I'd love to have a library with a humongous fireplace (thinking maybe half the size of the Biltmore house's library) with lots of wood, rolling ladder and tons of beautiful worn leather books. Well a girl can dream, right?

    Thanks for stopping by lately. It really brightening my day. And good luck in the Publix giveaway!

    Hugs and good thoughts....Tracy :)


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