Monday, February 14, 2011

I Can't Resist... this Map Wall

Confession: I'm inspired by the Pottery Barn catalog. Not only do they stage their products brilliantly, but the pages are full of great design ideas that you can incorporate into your own decor. This map wall is the latest idea that's captured my imagination.

I love this idea for large expanses of wall space. Here they have used a collection of several nautical drawings and maps. But this is one of those projects that can easily be personalized. Choose maps or drawings of favorite travel destinations, your home state, or where your family comes from. Talk about a personal expression!

The catalog even provides "how to" tips, such as using a heavy duty double-sided tape instead of wallpaper paste. They also suggest starting at the top left and working your way down, smoothing and overlapping a bit as you go. Here they further secure them by mounting architectural elements that also add three dimensionality. The same could be achieved with ledges, which are readily available at Target, WalMart, or Home Depot in a variety of styles.

Take a catalog's inspiring pages and make it your own with a little imagination. Happy Decorating!

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  1. I love map also...especially some of the cool wallpapers! They make for such a great backdrop for art work and such.


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