Monday, January 31, 2011

Maybe This Is Next?

Yes, I said on Friday that my family room bookshelves were...done.  Hmmm.  But into my Inbox pops my weekly ideabook update from Houzz (do you Houzz??) with a potential gamechanger.  What if I were to paint the interior of the bookcase?

This is the color of my family room walls... Porter Paint's Lincoln Home Beige.  I love this color for its neutrality, but it also has a nice punch against my white trim.  At certain times of day, it even takes on a teeny bit of olive, which I adore. 

I'm thinking I may even go a shade lighter to avoid the darkness that I was trying so hard to get rid of.  Or maybe even an accent color?  Celery green?  Blue?  Check out the Ideabook over at Houzz that got my wheels turning and then come back and tell me...

What do you think?

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