Friday, January 28, 2011

Family Room Bookcase-- Done!

My journey to refresh in our family room continues with our built in bookcases.  Several years ago, I painted all the woodwork in this room white-- best thing I've ever done.  It probably is almost time to repaint but I'm determined to wait a bit longer before taking this on (think dog/kids).  Somewhere along the way, I had filled the shelves with darker items (?)-- lots of wood accents, dark book jackets, pottery pieces, some of my husband's duck decoys-- so I knew much of that would need to go.

I simply took EVERYTHING OFF and gave the entire bookcase a good dusting (I can't blame this on my cleaning lady because I only have her in periodically-- I totally own how horrible this was!).  Then I went through what had previously resided on the shelves and pulled out the handful of lighter pieces and books that could return.  I then visited my spread of freshly polished silver pieces on the dining room table and pulled out a few pieces that I thought might work.  Next up-- shop the house.  I found framed photos in silver tone frames, a framed watercolor by my great-grandmother, and a bit of greenery.

I started with the shelves on the right, because they are in the darkest corner of the room and that is where I wanted the most light reflected.  After a couple of hours of shifting and tweaking, here is the finished product.

You probably recognize my flea market blue decanter (love this piece!).  The tall ship watercolor is by my great-grandmother.  I think it needs a stand to elevate it just a teeny bit.  I kept a few ducks and my husband's humidor but I like them much better where they are now.  The little red urn (a Southern Living at HOME piece) will be made into a lamp this weekend.  There's a plug right behind the abstract print so, yet some more light will be shed on this corner.

You can see where a few of my silver pieces ended up.  This corner was perpetually cluttered and dark, but I love the more open feel and light reflective quality.  You'll notice, too, that in doing so, I could add back in a few of my darker accessories.

Love these silver bowls as bookends.

You might recognize the Willow House Terrace Accent plates here, too.  They come in a set of four and I used two of them on the sconces over my mantle.  I love now having them on the other side of the room, as well.

And again-- the finished (for now) product! 

I say for now, because I've been known to keep tweaking and changing things. :)  The best part about this redo?  It was virtually free.

Do you have bookcases that are in need of a makeover?

Happy Decorating!  Happy Friday!

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  1. My corner in-built glass cabinet looks pretty tired and could use a fresh coat of white! Well..., I'm so not in the mood. I'd rather post pretty pictures on my blog, haha!!! Maybe it's because this is not the forever house!

  2. Hi Heidi. Room makeovers sometimes feel like makeovers for the soul. A lightening up and a brightening up of our surrounding usher in the feeling of spring. You bookcases are so pretty and you've arranged them so nice. They look wonderful. You're on a roll.

    I want to thank you, I mean really thank you for caring enough to come by and leave such kind words again today. It really is the bright spot of my day, to see so my Christians lifting us in prayer.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Love...Tracy :)


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