Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Mantle Makeover

I do love to decorate seasonally and in fact, I'm notorious for moving things around my home on a regular basis...redecorating on the cheap!  I've been tweaking this mantle for several weeks now and think I've finally hit on the look that will carry me through until it's time to redo for summer (or my daughter's graduation party!).

I decided to keep it really clean and simple with pops of blue and green.  The mirror was a Ballards Backroom score back in January.

This painting was done by my great-grandmother...I don't have alot of nautical-themed pieces, but this is one I love and decided to showcase.

Sweet little Willow House Firefly Lanterns and the nest and eggs is from Target (in their Smith and Hawkin section).

Too in love with my Cordova Sconces with the Terrace Accent Plates to change them.  And I'm sure you'll recognize the Santorini Urn!  I piled a variety of textured spheres and some faux artichokes into a silver dish for interest. 

Antique books (in Swedish) from Avolli, except for the Louisa May Alcott which was my grandmother's.  Little bird came from the fabulous Outrageous Interiors here in Marietta (great place for affordable accessories).  The stone pedestal is from Willow House, too.

It's the Coronado Stone Pedestal and it's grown on me!  I love that the glass cylinder gives you so much flexibility with fillers and the base adds substance and can be used separately.  Here I've filled it with my faithful split peas and a pillar candle. 

So here it is again-- super simple...and easy to dust.  It is pollen season here in Georgia, after all :)

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Happy Decorating!


  1. Good Morning Heidi. You're mantle decor is so pretty. That Santorini is so pretty, those are the colors I'm really liking this year. I just don't know how to have them with my couches being in the wrong green spectrum. You're so lucky to have such a beautiful painting done by your Great Grandmother. That's really special and so pretty. And the nest in those cute lanterns is just the right touch.

    Have a blessed day. Hugs...Tracy :)

  2. I absolutely love that mirror! The painting by your grandmother made me so happy. I just love seeing art mean something to people- especially family. Just love! Happy almost daughters graduation also!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today, your comment made me smile. It wasn't THAT long ago I graduated from college, actually, it's crazy how time flies and what happens in the years that follow. My art has been my constant, so thank you!!!

    Happy Friday, xo
    Jessica Rae

  3. Love the split peas! Great idea. Thanks for sharing.


    P.s. Did you know that your word verification is still turned on? Just thought you might not know (Blogger default setting.)


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