Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello Lover ... What a Difference a {Shade} Makes

Remember this on my list of projects?

This is one of my family room lamps and though I love the base, the shade just did nothing for me-- it simply seemed to blend into the wall, in fact.  So in my quest to lighten and brighten earlier this year, this popped up on my list of projects.  I originally intended to buy a simple drum shade and cover it with a fabric with flair.

Then I happened to be in Home Goods {goody, goody!!} with my mom last weekend and I found this:

It had me at hello! 

Gorgeous detail with just the right amount of pop.  And the price tag was a winner, too, at just under $30.

Sigh.  Adore.  Happy. :)

What have you found in Home Goods lately?

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  1. Great site! New follower. *dreaming* ah, I do love me some Home Goods. I seriously don't know how people work there. I would have no paycheck. GREAT find... love the shade. ;)
    Stephanie from (thanks for stopping by... hope you enjoy the site!)


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