Monday, April 18, 2011

Looky What I Found: Scavenger Saturday

I should have been home doing... something productive. Like pulling together my Easter tablescape to share with y'all this week. But instead I had to pop over to Woodstock Antiques.  They were having an outdoor open market and many of their indoor vendors were offering discounts in their booths as well.  So I went to do a little... ahem... research.

Great day for shopping research.

I'm picturing this in a large open foyer, with a Swedish finish and fun graphic upholstry. 

Pretty, but too steep for me!

Cute display in this French themed booth.

I could think of about 100 places for this little chippy bench.

Sorry for the blurry IPhone pic-- love these little pearl monogram ornaments AND how they're displayed.

Bundles of vintage postcards, letters, envelopes, and sheet music.

Love this idea-- one of those Reader's Digest collections covered with sheet music.

Extra large frame would be perfect on a gallery wall (I'd have to spray paint it, I think!).

Tastefully done booth-- lots of pretties and not too cluttered, plus I love the use of space by hanging the chair on the peg board.

Sweet little basket of antique books {you know how I love those!}.

Can you see the price on the chalkboard?  Can you say DIY??

Lots of shabby chic finds today-- cool use for a ceiling tin.

More books in excellent shape.

The magnifying glass is awesome, but I'm all about the ledger.

Loved the lines on this chair.

Another great DIY!

This booth was so interesting... everything painted gray or pewter and lots of silver and pewter pieces.

Even remnants of fabric. :)  Kicking myself for not picking up one of these.

What an awesome piece!

Are your wheels turning yet?

These came home with me. :)

One booth was all sports memorabilia.

Clever and pretty idea for displaying or storing your necklaces.

All in all a successful shopping research excursion.  So now you'll have to wait until tomorrow for my Easter tablescape.  :-)

Happy Decorating!


  1. That looks like a fun little place...I will have to venture up there someday!

  2. That is my kind of Saturday! Wish I got to do that kind of shopping more often! M.

  3. I love shopping - I mean researching on Saturdays. I don't think I would have been able to leave that place empty handed.


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