Friday, April 22, 2011

Green Decorating {My Favorite Tip}

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would touch on natural elements in decorating.  Of course, plants are a beautiful way to bring nature into your decor...

 I also love to pull things out of my pantry and use them to decorate.  In the winter time, coffee beans.  They smell delightful and cozy and they are eco-friendly.  Layer them with creamy Northern beans for even more interest.

In the spring, my go-to item is a bag of green split peas. 

Inexpensive!  Publix will sometimes have them 2 for $1.

I filled a small square glass vase with peas, tucked in a votive candle and then wrapped one of my favorite ribbons around the outside.

Here I filled my Willow House Hawthorne Hurricane with split peas, then wedged a juice glass down inside to hold the water and flowers.

And they secure a large pillar in my Coronado Stone Pedestal's glass cylinder.  Perfect pop of color here.

And I can't resist showing you my sweet bunnies with the amazing birch texture.

They join me every spring, bringing nature's look and textures into my decor.  Speaking of nature's textures, check out a few others on the Ballard's website.

What natural elements do you use in decorating?

Have a blessed Easter weekend with your families, everyone. :)

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  1. Peas is a neat idea! My mind usually doesn't go to food when it comes to decorating. Of course I love to use shells and driftwood from the beach!

    Have a wonderful Easter!!


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