Monday, August 23, 2010

Derian and Decoupage

I used to love decoupage as a child.  I didn't mind all the sticky, gooey mess-- the process was enchanting, and the result even more so.  John Derian has elevated decoupage to designer decor through his company John Derian Company, Inc (est. 1989).  His collection of home accessories utilize 18th and 19th century reproductions in nature-inspired designs-- everything from small plates (my favorite!) to wall hangings.

Wall Hanging


Small cache pot

So what happens when a high end designer teams up with Target?  Decor lovers like you and me are the winners!  On September 5th, Target rolls out a limited run line of John Derian home accessories for a few dollars a piece.  Rather than the hand-made glass and ceramic pieces in his New York boutiques, these affordable gems are made of melamine-- perfect for everyday use or picnics.  Use them for your next party! They would make great accents for your plain dinnerware...and great conversation pieces, too.

Small plates from the Target collection

Rectangular tray from Target Collection

Dinner plates from the Target collection.

Photo credits John Derian Company, Inc and Target.

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  1. I've already discovered my melamine friends!
    Pretty plates :D


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