Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Decorating: What's It Worth To You?

Worked with an interior designer before?  If so, what would you be willing to pay them to do your holiday decorating for you?

The New York Times published an interesting article highlighting the services of certain interior designers that take on the holiday "zhooshing" (love that word!) for select clients.  It left me wondering if I'd ever be willing to let someone else do my decorating for me?  Sure I'd love some advice, fresh ideas, different perspective, but pay someone else to decide and install?  I don't think so.

Tree by Rick Garofalo; mantle by Scott Salvator
Photos by Robert Wright and Trevor Tondro for The New York Times.
The act of decorating for the holidays can be physically taxing and time consuming.  I've confessed before that I don't do all the decorating I'd like to do and only end up doing a portion of what I'd planned to do.  But the truth is that I love decorating for the holidays.  I love pulling out all my decorations, sifting through what I'd like to use again, searching for the new tidbits here and there to freshen things up, digging for new ideas in magazines or on the internet.  It's fun for me.  And it's personal.

How about you?  Would you let someone else do your decorating?  Click HERE to read the article and HERE to view the slideshow of various designers and their "zhooshing" for clients.  Maybe just the outside? :)

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