Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Decorating Tip: Advent Garland

Christmas with Southern Living 2007
I can't resist this wonderful idea, so even though we are three days into Advent, I had to share!   Get your kids to help you snip scraps of giftwrap or holiday cards from last year and glue onto little gift bags.  I always save little bags throughout the year (you never know!), but you can purchase them inexpensively in bulk from your craft or discount store.  Each bag will be numbered (1-25, or 24 depending upon your tradition), filled with a small treat or surprise (candy, a small ornament, a coupon for dessert before dinner, a crazy straw-- you get the idea), and attached to a length of twine.  You can use ribbon or clothespins to attach them.

detail, Advent Garland

Great idea for a kitchen or breakfast room, or even a casual family room.  Happy Decorating!!

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