Thursday, September 9, 2010

Work of Art

Are you intimidated by buying art for your home?  Many people struggle with finding the right piece for their taste and/or their budget.  And forget original art-- isn't it pricey?  Aren't traditional art galleries stuffy and elite?  And what if you get it home and hung and you regret your choice?

Welcome to ArtQuiver, an online art gallery that marries technology with a traditional gallery setting and service.  Launched in 2009 by Founder and President Matt Schenck, ArtQuiver's mission is to provide a venue for consumers to purchase art-- original art-- at their perfect price.  Featuring a wide variety of styles and media and a price range from $350- $20,000, this site has something for everyone.  Artists must apply to have their works featured on the site-- some are emerging, others established, all are talented.

The features I like most on ArtQuiver are the search mechanisms that are interactive, helping determine your taste and generating recommendations, the ability to create your own gallery and save your favorite pieces, and free one-on-one consultation with a designer if you wish.  ArtQuiver also offers free shipping and lifetime returns if the piece doesn't meet your expectations.  In other words, it's no risk for the customer.  But I also love that lesser-known artists now have an innovative venue in which to sell their works, a much larger venue, in fact, than a physical gallery.  Win-win for artist and buyer.  Genius for you and me.

Darren Thompson, South Clark

Fiomena Booth, Fragments of Thought

Karen Arthur, Walk to the Beach Cape Cod

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  1. Love the Cape landscape. Vivid colors!

    I'll have to look into ArtQuiver although that sounds very familiar to me. I may have seen it before. I'll go check



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