Sunday, September 26, 2010

Arrangement Assistance

So, you've begun your collection of art and photographs, purchasing those pieces you love and framing your treasured photographs, but you're stumped on how and where to hang them.  Sound familiar?  How about hanging a piece or a group of pieces and deciding something's not quite right?  Believe it or not, art placement is an art in and of itself.  My Museum Studies seminar in graduate school spent a great deal of time on where to put what, exploring how to create a mood, hanging in multiples, dramatic effects, and the intent behind your display.  In other words, hanging your art collection is no simple matter.

David Hassel of ILevel
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Rather than leave your treasures propped up against your walls or in the closet, get them up, but maybe get some help in doing so. cast a spotlight on David Hassel and ILevel, his art arrangement and installation consulting company, showcasing one of his most recent projects and quite a challenge at that.  What I found most surprising about his company is how affordable their services really are, so affordable that the article appears in NYT's "On The Cheap" section.  For a few hundred dollars (on average) clients are provided one or two consultants, face-to-face meetings, and actual installation (hanging) services.  When you consider what you may already have invested in your art collection, the professional touch could be the answer to doing it justice.

Google art arrangement or installations companies in your area.  I found Axis Fine Art Installation here in Atlanta, but don't let the name fool you.  They are just as happy to help arrange and install your family photographs as your they are your $3000 fine paintings.  For as little as $145, Axis will send two skilled design consultants to take care of you.  Additonal trips to your home will cost a bit extra, but if your project is small solo consultants are available for an even lower rate.

If you still can't wrap your head around paying for art arrangement services, take the do-it-yourself approach seriously.  Search websites for art arrangements that you find appealing, consult design or decor magazines for images of successful arrangements, dig through books on the topic.  My go-to guide is The Art of Showing Art, by James K. Reeve, available on  Reeve discusses everything from protecting your art, installing your pieces, and documenting your investment.  After all, your collection is an investment, and should be treated as such.

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  1. Oh, you don't have to convince me that art placement is an art in and of itself. An art I have yet to learn!


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