Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shopping Voz {East Village, NYC}

I had a fabulous shopping experience in NYC a few weeks ago!  You can read all about the fun restaurants and boutiques we patronized over on my personal blog (click HERE).  But I wanted to share some eye candy from my very favorite stop, a cool vintage boutique called Voz, located in the East Village.

The owners of Voz have created a hip shopping stop with carefully selected wares: vintage designer clothing and accessories, books, home decor, china and crystal, and art by local artists.  I love that the shop wasn't cluttered, so you could really examine ALL of their goodies.

Ames scored a genuine crocodile handbag for a song! 

I fell in love with these vintage French illustrations the owners procured in France.  Love even more that they framed them in stock frames, mounted on a background of decorative tissue paper.  Give you any ideas for unique framing of a favorite print or photograph??

We thought they'd be perfect in her apartment, but the budget didn't allow... this time. :)

I hope you noticed the floor treatment in some of those photos... this is sheer genius, IMHO!  When they took over the space, the flooring was a light shade of laminate wood flooring -- doesn't exactly scream vintage shop, does it?  So they adhered the pages of a foreign language dictionary (French, Italian? I can't remember-- sorry!), overlapping them, to the entire floor and then put several layers of shellac down.  Alex (the very charming owner from Argentina) says he loves the floor even more now that they've hosted several soirees and a few spots have worn away in the aftermath. :)

Now, you can visit Voz online HERE to read more about the owners, their vision, their inventory, and their creativity.  And if you ever are in NY, stop in and see for yourself!  You'll be hardpressed to leave empty-handed.

Thank you, Alex, for sharing your delightful spot with me (and my readers!)!

Happy Decorating and Happy Shopping!

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  1. I was so busy goggling over all of your great finds I didn't even notice the flooring, but it awesome! What a creative idea. Loving the vintage illustrations too, they are simply beautiful.


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