Monday, March 21, 2011

Projects, Projects...and Fancy Little Things Giveaway

I keep hoping I'm going to make some headway on the projects that are on my list-- or even in mid-stream!  But then things get busy at home or work and they go on the back burner again.  I'm very much a project person.  I like the feeling of being involved in a project-- whether it's a community service, church group, work, or home project.  And even better is the feeling that comes with successful completion!

With the intent of spurring myself on and holding myself accountable for finishing these projects, here's what's on the list to do:

Love this lamp, but it's getting a more modern shade covered in a fun fabric. :)

This sweet little urn is being made into a small lamp for my family room bookcase. 

My family room bookshelves are getting a nice color on the back-- still debating on which color.  I have 3 to choose from... I'll be polling you, my faithful readers, before I launch this project!

I've had this frame for YEARS... I know, right?  I've got spray paint waiting for this one, but can't decide if I should make it part of a gallery wall or insert burlap covered cork board for a fun message center or jewery organizer.  Again, you'll be polled. :)

Remember my home office desk?  It's actually an old banquet table with great storage underneath.  I've got the new fabrics ready to roll on this one-- just have to find time to clear it off and get busy!

I'm so excited to jump on this one-- my stepson's dresser just waiting for a fresh coat of paint!

How about you?  Any projects lingering?  Maybe this can help you out...

I am thrilled to be partnering with a wonderful new website called Fancy Little Things!  Today they are offering a Too-Good-To-Be-True giveaway for all you crafty girls with projects on your list!

Here's what you can win-- gift card, $25.

Craft Kit, $25.

Here is HOW you can win… head over to Fancy Little Things and enter!  Up to 5 entries on this awesome giveaway!
Entries close at Midnight on March 28th

Now go enter and come back tonight when I announce the winner of the Santorini Urn Giveaway! Entries close at 7pm EST.  It's Mondays in March!!

Happy Decorating!

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  1. So many projects!! I can totally relate. PS- happy belated birthday, Heidi! I hope it was a great day.


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