Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Find: The Reluctant Entertainer

Are you a reluctant entertainer?  Does the thought of having people in (or over, for dinner, etc) overwhelm you?  I don't have that time/energy/clean house/budget/dinnerware/etc to entertain.  Sound familiar?  Meet Sandy Coughlin over at the Reluctant Entertainer.  Not only does she post incredibly easy ideas for hosting a gathering (check out her 31 days to Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining going on now), but she offers encouraging words and strategies for overcoming the mental and physical hurdles that keep us from reconnecting with the people in our lives.  I love that she uses her own ideas, her own photographs, recipes, and family in her blog!  She's as down-to-earth as they come.

She's also the author of The Reluctant Entertainer, your new go-to handbook to get the gathering going again in your own home.  You can order a copy directly on her website for only $14-- a great investment with the holidays approaching rapidly.  Have one personalized for a thoughtful and unique gift.

Happy Entertaining!

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