Monday, October 25, 2010

Countdown to Halloween...

Are you into Halloween decor?  Do you stretch spider webs across your shrubbery and use jack o'lantern lawn bags?  Are there mummies or tombstones in your yard?  What about inside?  Bats hanging from your chandelier?

I confess, I'm a mimimalist when it comes to Halloween decor... a nod here and there to the occasion is all you'll find at my home.  But I love to decorate FALL.  I shared a few ideas for outdoor decor with pumpkins last week, so here are a few inspirations for using pumpkins for your entertaining needs and indoor decor.  Feel free to add a spider or two if necessary. :)


  1. Is that bird seed in the vase? Very cute w/the pumpkins!

  2. Yes, Sabrina, I love that idea, don't you?


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