Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Fall Decorating Ideas

If you haven't checked out lately, you're missing out!  I subscribe to their e-newsletter, so when their fall decorating feature popped into my inbox, I clicked over immediately. I've looked through hundreds of fall decorating ideas in magazines and online this season, but this group really hit a home run with me.  Simplicity is the common denominator.  You don't have to spend a lot or have any real decorating know-how to achieve these looks.  So, if you haven't already done a little decorating for the season, here are some simple ideas from their photo gallery. No excuses now. :)

What I love about this:  using crotons to complement the traditional mums.  Their colors are brilliant and I love the broad leaf contrast to the tight blooms and leaves of the mums.

What I love about this: maple branches in a tall glass cylinder vase.  Does it get any easier?  If you don't have a maple in your own yard, see if a neighbor would mind if you cut a few branches of theirs.

What I love about this: add a throw pillow and a simple floral arrangement in warm colors to make any nook reflect the season.

What I love about this: simple white dinnerware with a pair of lanterns and several small pumpkins.  The mantle is gorgeous but much more involved.  Little white lights woven among berry garlands and pumpkins and gourds of varying sizes lend festivity to the room.

What I love about this: a few pumpkins and brightly colored maple branches and twigs in a rustic vase. Super simple for a porch or deck.

All photos from and H. Camille Smith

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  1. Beautiful ideas! Why don't I subscribe to I'm really liking that purple front door, although I doubt it would fly with our HOA :)


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