Saturday, May 15, 2010

Decorating Ideas: Latest Shopping Must-Haves from the Design World

Decorating Ideas: Latest Shopping Must-Haves from the Design World  is a must-see at  While you're there, sign up for their weekly e-newsletter that's loaded with great design ideas, budget-friendly features, plus one of my favorites: sneak peeks into beautiful homes!  One of the fun things about lists like these is seeing what I may already have that's similar, dusting them off, and giving them new life.  Or hitting my own favorite haunts or catalogs to see what else is available along those lines.  You don't have to have designer pieces to be current!

One fresh trend I have noticed in all of my perusals of design sites, magazines, and catalogs is BLUE.  All shades of blue, often intermingled, mixed and matched within an inch of its life.  Not only is it beautiful and soothing, releasing calming chemicals in our bodies, but studies have shown that we are more productive in blue rooms.  Who'd have thought!  Maybe I need to repaint my office.
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